Ways You Can Set the Mood for Romance on Your Wedding Day with Candles

Candles are one of the most common wedding decor and with a good reason. They add a touch of style, warmth and romance into space. They are a perfect choice for decor not just for winter celebrations but they add beauty and warmth throughout the whole year round. Scented or unscented, white or in colour no matter what is your choice you can be pretty sure that the candles will bring your wedding ceremony to another level. From the wedding aisle to the wedding receptions, candles have been a perfect decor for a long time and not to mention they are very budget-friendly items. With so many ideas on how to incorporate candle wedding on your big day, we selected just a few of them. Check them out and get an inspiration. 

Amazing reception ambience. Using candles in receptions will instantly transform the space into special and magical giving the room an enchanting vibe. Candelabras and taper candles are a just perfect choice if you are looking for something to bring your wedding to an elegance and intimacy without being afraid that you may overdo it. Candles work amazing on receptions especially when the dusk hours come. That open flame coming from them will instantly add a dramatic glow to the event. You can even use candles in a role of placeholders. All you need to do is to label them and individualise each with the name of your guest.

Candle wedding

Table centrepieces. Another way to use candle wedding decor is to create table centerpieces. Candles are instant mood setter and the perfect choice if you are looking for decor that will not break your bank but still will help you to set the romantic table lighting. For this idea, make sure you choose candles that will match your wedding theme. You can even opt for candles in colour or scented ones so they can complement your bouquets. For example, if you want to decorate a glamorous table and create a subtle elegance, place the candelabras at the end of the table. On the other hand, if you want to create a stunning look then use bright blooms to surround the candlesticks.

Give the wedding aisle a little light. Entering the ceremony is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding, but there is no denying that candles placed on the aisles will make your entry even more magical. Just imagine the flames burning slowly while you and your partner for life are walking to the altar. It sounds but it also looks amazing. The dreamy, classy and timeless vibe of candle lights will bring charm to space whether is church, backyard, countryside or beach. Candlelight decors on wedding aisles are the perfect choice for weddings on the beach and night weddings.


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