Tips on Decorating Wedding Tables with Runners

If you want to create a wedding wonderland out of your special day you need to carefully plan all the decoration details such as flowers, lighting, centrepieces, altar decoration and wedding table decoration. Wedding tables leave a great impression as your guests will spend a good portion of their time there. Apart from the delicious food, your guests should enjoy the comfort of your seating arrangements. Therefore, the way the tables are decorated can really influence their wedding guest experience. As there are numerous options on how to decorate the wedding table, here are some tips on how to do it using wedding table runners. 

To start with, think of the size you want the runners to be. It is traditional wedding table runners to lay lengthwise and centred across the table with some material hanging over the edges. You need to know the length of the table so you can choose the appropriate size of the runner. If you choose to decorate it in a traditional way the runner can serve as a visual centerline for the table where the centrepieces or the serving dishes will be placed. 

Wedding tabble runner

Another way you can use runners is to add contrast to a more casual, everyday table setting. You can achieve this by choosing a shorter runner which will have the same impact of the longer runners with the difference that you will leave more of the table's surface uncovered. If you like this idea, you can combine it with candles to create a romantic atmosphere and at the same time, the short runners will be functional as they will catch wax of the burning candles. 

In order to create a more minimal look, you can use both a runner and a tablecloth with a few decorations. So, to add interest you should choose a table runner which has a contrasting colour or pattern than the tablecloth. The size of the length should align exactly with the tablecloth.

Furthermore, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment. You could explore your personal style and come up with something totally new. For example, if you have round wedding tables at your venue you can place the runners in  X shape which will create a visual centre of the space at the place where the runners cross. There you can place the floral centrepieces.

Finally, the effect the wedding runners will have hugely depend on the season of the year. Thus, if you plan a winter wedding, the white colour should be incorporated as much as possible but in combination with apple red or hunter green. If you plan a spring wedding then pastels are a better choice whereas for an autumn wedding deep reds, browns or yellows are the most suitable in order to create the ambience that fees just right.

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