The Different Uses of Wedding Shepherd Hooks

Looking for simple ways to subtly add the “wow” factor to your wedding décor? Wedding shepherd hooks! These amazing pieces of art are very simple to use and offer so many possibilities to decorate your wedding reception making it easy to turn it into the wedding of your dreams. Their ease of use is just one of the tons of benefits of shepherd wedding hooks as they make adding candlelight and flowers to the entire decor so simple. Let's take a look at how these small ornaments can be used to bring your wedding reception to a higher level.

Wedding shepherd hooks

The ideal spot for hanging holders

Have you considered adding hanging holders to your wedding shepherd hooks and filling them up with tealight candles? This is definitely one of the best uses of these pieces of art as this way you will add the much-needed ambiance for a walkway or path at your reception. They can also be filled with floating candles, creating a spectacular look. The water and the floating candle combine so flawlessly, creating an amazing and twinkling glow that will add a unique flair to the entire ambiance.

Soften up the wedding aisles and walkway

I just adore pairing hanging metallic holders with gorgeous blooms. Add a little water at the bottom of the holder to ensure that the arrangements you chose will look delightful for hours! And maybe you can even pair the hanging holders with some gorgeous realistic silk flowers. I bet your guests won't even notice the difference. Add LED candles inside the hanging holders of your wedding shepherd hooks -this way you will instantly create a hassle-free glow! You can set this up long before your guests arrive and you can rest assured that they will be still glowing as your guests head out at the end of the evening.

Easy to place in the ground

These ornaments are just the right choice for a decoration as they are very easy to use and can serve as the base for so many of heavenly-like design combos. They can be either free-standing or ones that need to be buried in the ground. Setting up the first ones is a piece of cake, but if you decide to go with the latter ones, just press them into the soil until they are firmly established in the ground. If you are adding water to a hanging holder or if you are placing a heavier holder or that your hook, make sure that it is secured.

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