Vases and Wedding Centrepieces: A Magical Blend

Wedding centerpieces

It takes weeks and sometimes even months to perfectly organise a wedding especially if you are doing it by yourself or with the help of your closest family or friends. When the day comes and everything is stunningly magical and you are the most beautiful and happy version of yourself, you smile to the thought that it was worth it. Decoration has a huge role in creating the magical ambience and every detail matters. A focal point is the centrepieces which attract the most attention and give the wedding venue the wow factor. 

But why, of all things, centrepieces are so important? Basically, your guests spend a significant period of time sitting around their tables where they enjoy the food, the drinks, the music and the casual conversations with their relatives or friends. Beautiful centrepieces can create a festive and pleasant atmosphere and can be arranged in so many different styles that can fit in different wedding themes. One way to arrange the centrepieces is with the use of short and tall vases. If you wish to do it yourself, you need to check with the venue so you can make sure there isn't a conflict with the rules as some places do not allow the use of open flames or breakable glass for because of safety reasons. If you have a green light, then you need to buy vases in bulk and start planning the look of the centrepieces. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Flowery Arrangements

You can choose your favourite flowers and make a lovely bouquet and by adding decorative details you can adapt it to your wedding theme. So, you can put some driftwood in the tall vases to create a gorgeous rustic, coastal texture. You can place one cylinder vase inside a slightly larger vase with the same shape and then fill the smaller vase with water and flowers whereas the space between the two with small pieces of driftwood. 

Tall vases

If you are a fan of the minimalistic look, then you can create a floating centrepiece with fronds by filling a 3/4 of a cylinder vase with water and placing a large frond inside and around the vase you can place a flowery wreath. Or you can take a very tall and thin vase and place a single flower like a calla inside. If you love the tender candlelight than you can place a large white aromatised candle in the vase.

Crystals or Pearls

A luxurious look can be created if you put transparent crystals inside of the vase and on top of it a small votive candle. You can have crystals in tender colours like flamingo pink or sky blue if you wish to add a pop of colour. Another option is putting pearls in a vase, individually or on a string topped with some rose petals and a votive candle.

Crystals or pearls

Feathers and Ribbons

For a more bold look, you can combine feathers and ribbons as decorative details on the vases if you want to depict an ambience of the 1920s and the wedding theme resembles a Great Gatsby setting.  

Feathers and ribbons

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Last edited: 30/10/2018