Rustic Wedding: Ideas on How to Use Burlap for Decor

When it comes to weddings, one of the hottest trends these days is the rustic one and burlap is the main thing that distinguishes this style form the others. In a combination with lace and the most famous type of simple and small wedding flower - Baby’s breath held, burlap is all you need for starting to create the décor for your magical day. 

From creating wedding invitations and favour bags to creating centrepieces, wedding bouquets and even wedding altars. That versatile and handy type of supply is burlap, so make sure you use it as the one and only ally for creating dreamy wedding decorations. Let's see some of the most amazing ideas. 

Wedding Invitations

No wedding can start without sending wedding invitations and since they need to match the rest of the wedding, burlap and lace can come in handy. All you will need is a burlap and lace roll as wedding decorations and of course your wedding invitations. Just glue a burlap over the invitations and lace over it, and tie it down with a jute twine. Simple as that!.
Wedding invitations1 

Table Runner 

Another great and interesting way to make your wedding look rustic is to add a burlap table runner. All you need to do is to order a burlap table runner and place it along the centre of the tables. You can place it both directly over the table or over a tablecloth.
wedding decorations


A table would not be complete if there is no centrepiece. Whether a jar, a case, or a bottle, burlap can do wonders and turn them into the most beautiful rustic centrepiece there is on the planet. Just with a little bit of imagination, you can turn a simple jar into the most appealing wedding centrepiece. All you will need is a burlap roll, lace, and of course flowers. Just wrap the burlap and lace around the jar, place the flower in it and that's it. Place them over the burlap table runner and make them glow even more by adding several tea lights around it.

Beautiful rustic centrepiece

Banners and Bunting 

Except for the aforementioned ides, you can add a little bit of freshens by adding bunting and clever lighting to the area above eye level. You can buy it or DIY a triangle burlap flag bunting and hang them anywhere you want, on trees, flowers, as a display on the wall behind the band, etc. 

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Last edited: 11/09/2018