Candle Centerpiece Ideas to Light Up Your Wedding Reception

I just can't get enough of candle wedding centerpieces. I simply love the flair that they emit – they are classy, timeless, and oh-so-pretty. Probably one of the things I like most about them is the fact that their unique, old-timey vibe can be revamped for a modern feel or embraced for a celebration that is packed with romantic, vintage vibes.

From store-bought selections to homemade candle alternatives, these warm, glowing pieces of art add an extra dose of elegance and allure to any wedding tablescape. There really is nothing like a flickering flame to add to the beauty of your wedding reception's ambiance. In today's blog post we will shine a light on some of my favorite candle ideas for reception centerpieces. Let's get started, shall we?

Pillar candle

Seaside Dreaming

Wondering what's the secret ingredient for an unforgettable oceanfront wedding reception? Lots of marvelous candlelight! And yes, floral garlands! Flowers and candles have to be the ideal decoration combo that just makes every table look so much better. Think marbled pillar candle varieties tucked into floral garlands to create the right ambiance for a completely stunning event.

Candle Displays that Add Drama

A unique way to instantly add more interest and drama to a wedding centerpiece is to stick with a color palette that's based on super saturated and moody hues. For instance, fresh fruit, herbs, and even eggplants are a great combo for that plum and navy centerpiece tone. To tie the entire idea, add dark grey taper candles that will add height to the entire table setting and will sprinkle elegance.

Romance the Modern Way

Think gold and slate-accented plates combined and made even lovelier with the addition of floral garlands. And of course, different pillar candle height varieties spread across the entire table for that forever romantic flickering light. 

Glass-Contained Candles

Why not line the long tables on your reception with beautiful tall candles in glass containers? If there's one thing I'm certain of is that this combo will instantly add to the elegance of the entire event. This is a design element that will magnify the beautiful dancing light around the marquee.

Bottom line is, no matter your theme, scheme or style, there's a candlelit option that will have you glowing with excitement. Find your inspiration and I'm sure you will be able to easily recreate it with the beautiful pieces of art that candles are.  

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