Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces: How Many Ideas Can Floating Candles Handle

A floating candle is a candle that when placed in water, it floats. Many think that every candle can float, but that is not true. To be able to float the candle needs to be made in a round shape to allow it to float evenly when placed. Pillar or votive candles cannot float because they are top heavy, so they tip when placed into the water. Some tealights can float, but it is always best to use the traditional floating candles to put onto the water. 

Available in a range of colours and diameters, a floating candle is an amazing decor piece. Whether used as accent decor or as centrepieces, the look these candles provide is always fresh and modern. If you are planning to DIY your wedding centrepieces, incorporating floaters is simple and more affordable then flower centrepieces, even if using flowers in the water, and less time consuming too. Let's take a look at some beautiful wedding centrepieces ideas that I rounded up.   

Floating candle

A fabulous wedding centrepiece idea is to put s floating candle inside a cylinder vase. Use the space below the candle to showcase a vase filler, or fresh or silk flowers submersed with your favourite bloom.  Combine different heights of vases to add dimension and levels of candlelight. 

Wedding decor

Floating candles also look amazing on an island or table in a lying bowl or dish garden. It is a great choice for a romantic, vintage or classic wedding. Consider adding floral around the base of the bowl to add colour or your personal style to the decor. 

Floating candles in mason jars

Use simple containers, such as mason jars, dessert dishes, or drinking glasses, each holding a single flower or floating candle. Place various containers in the centre of the table or use them around a large bowl holding candles, berries, fruit slices and flower petals. Consider seasonal elements and colours that best fit the occasion. 

You can also use floating candles to enhance your outdoor wedding. If there is a pond or a pool, for example, you can use large lotus flower shaped floating candles. This will be a beautiful display to add to your event. 

As can see, floating candles are very versatile. They can be easily added to any bowl, dish, or vase to create the perfect centrepiece for your wedding. However, floating candles can create a dreamy, serene, enchanting and romantic feeling to any occasion. Use your creativity to create the perfect design for your evening! 

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Last edited: 25/10/2018