Play Kitchens - Great Contributors to Children's Proper Development

My daughter is four and she is my favourite assistant anytime I need to bake a cake, cookies or simply to make a dinner. She has that sweet apron with cupcakes on it what makes her the cutest chef in the world. Time spent in the kitchen is never boring with her. She is super excited anytime we needed to spend some time cooking together so one day we came to the idea: Wouldn't it be better if she had her own kitchen? No, we didn't mean a real one, but a play kitchen for kids. Play kitchens are considered as educational toys and they are great contributors to kid's proper development. Investing in a quality childrens wooden play kitchen was the best investment we made when it comes to toys. This fun toy comes with so many benefits for kids so if you are wondering what are some of them, let us list it for you.

Childrens wooden play kitchen

Visual recognition of colours, shapes and patterns. Toy food for you is just a toy, but for kids is much more. These fun and colourful pieces can help your kid to better understand the differences and similarities in colours, shapes and patterns. You can tell your child to sort toy food according to food size, texture and type. You can play with your child from time to time and give him/her a head-start in these important areas of his/her development.

Teamwork. Regardless of your cooking skills you probably know that cooking food for the whole family involves teamwork. Being able to work effectively with other people is an important skill for adults, but is also important for kids. It is important for your child's development to be able to team up with other kids in the toy kitchen. This way the teamwork will become a part of his/her personality and will find it very useful in the real life as an adult person.

Self-confidence in his/her imagination. Cooking in play kitchen rewards experimentation just like cooking in real life. Your little one can let go its imagination just by creating the recipe he/she wants using nothing more than his/her toy food. Peanut butter sandwich does not go well with french fries for you but for your chef-to-be is a perfect combination. The fact that they can imaginatively combine and create any food they want is a real self-confidence booster.

Cleanup and preparation teach responsibility. My daughter had never really understood the importance of cleaning the mess in the kitchen after we have cooked a meal until she became an owner of her own childrens wooden play kitchen. When kids are young they may not understand that the food needs to be prepared and that the kitchen becomes a little messy so it needs to be cleaned up. When playing with toy food and playtime kitchen, they start to understand the importance of these tasks and consider them as an integral part of the food preparation process.


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Last edited: 17/10/2018