The Ideal Military Themed Gifts for Him

When it comes to gifts, we know how difficult it is to choose the right one, especially when it comes to choosing a gift for a person who is going away on a military service or for one who is just a fan of military related things. In order to give you an idea, we have prepared an easy-breezy list that can help you find the right type of gift for your military person in no time.

Assignment Map

A world map is always a good idea as a present for military people. Whether framed or not, they can place the map on the wall and pin the places of the World where they have been assigned or deployed which can bring them some kind of enjoyment and lots of memories. 

Assignment map

Military Alarm Clock

Aeroplane, helicopter, aircraft or Drill Sergent alarm clock are just some of the several types of alarm clocks you can choose for a military person. Although military people do not need an alarm to get out of bed early in the morning, some of them do need an alarm like that. Regardless of the reason, having a military designed clock will be just fun, even when not used for waking up.?

Military alarm clock

Military Models

Whether a military person or a military lover, military models are just another fun yet great way to show off some respect and appreciation to someone. Thousand of plastic military models and kits are available on the market these days as well as a wide range of soldiers, commanders, tanks, eagle jets, cars and trucks which makes the choice pretty easy. Except for military persons, military models of that kind are also great for kid and teens who love to collect things or who are a fan of the military and the army.

Military models


If we're to compare our everyday life and a deployment life, the only thing that we can conclude is that they are way too different. Although our life is filled with stress, difficulties and dullness, it is also filled with joy and fun at some level. Army's life, on the other hand, is filled with lots of situations that are not common in our normal life, so that being said, a diary or journal would be another perfect gift for him. Choosing one with military-themed covers or faux leather ones is a great way to help them relieve from the everyday stress by writing down all the things he has lived in.

Diary or journal

Grooming Kit

The last but not least gift idea on this list is an all in one grooming kit that can help him shave his face effectively and effortlessly.  

Grooming kit

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