Educational Play: How Tech Toys Can Stimulate Children’s Curiosity

Remember the educational toys of your childhood? If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably had a huge hatred towards them. The most popular choices were those boring wooden blocks from that alternative health store around the corner, and flimsy chemistry sets that your parent’s wouldn’t let you play after the first run. But today educational toys are a whole different story. Now, the most popular educational toys are the ones that are designed to offer STEM-related fun.

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From, DIY computer kits and robots you can program, tech toys are perfect for introducing children with STEM world. In fact, the right tech toy can be what inspires your kid to become enamored with building things, robotics, chemistry, coding and generally creating stuff. One day, your child may come to you and confide that that one tech toy you got them for birthday is what made them decide to become an engineer.

And considering how STEM professions currently dominate the job market, tech toys can help children develop crucial skills that can help them excel in the future. With that being said, it’s a good idea to let your children play with things like electrical motors, circuit sets, telescopes, 3D printers and similar toys. There’s just one thing to make sure: The toy should be something that your child will love to spend time playing with.

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There’s no secret to what makes the perfect STEM toy for your child. However, to guarantee fun, try to pick something with an angle your kid enjoys already. For instance, if your child loves building things, a LEGO STEM set can be the ideal gift. If your kid is crazy about cars, get him or her an electric car with instructions on how to be assembled. Just observe your child’s interests and see whether you can find a toy that relates to them.

However, be careful that the toy isn’t too advanced for your kid. Don’t get me wrong, challenges are fun and educational, but if you choose a toy that will only cause frustration, you’ll risk driving your child away from science and technology related activities. And for the record, don’t rely on the age rating the toy has. Different kids can handle different STEM toys, it’s not always a matter of age.

All things considered, investing in one good STEM toys beats filling your child’s room with too many cheap, plastic toys that don’t stimulate curiosity and only cause stress and distraction.

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Salomon goldman
  • 1. Salomon goldman | 02/11/2020
Very intersecting article. STEM toys are very good to help children develop their creativity and logic.
I am also quite a fan of japanese soroban an chinese abacus for that very purpose.

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