Our Tips on How to Choose the Best RC Vehicle for You

Remote control vehicles are fun and playing with one brings a lot of benefits. Although many think that these toys are for kids only, there are others that will disagree. The latest models of rc cars are technologically advanced to the point that some of them cannot be operated without an adult supervision. Some of them are very fast and come with a range of features that kids find it difficult to deal with. All this makes these toys perfect choice for men who wants to enjoy a cool hobby in their free time. Men who look for an adventure and want to spend time outside. When it comes to buying a remote control toy, it can be tough to decide which one is the right for you. 

Generally, different RC vehicles are divided into six categories: cars, rc short course truck models, stadium trucks, monster trucks, rock crawlers and buggies. So before making a choice, consider where are you going to use your new toy. They all have a terrain they are most suitable for so deciding where you are going to use your new RC vehicle is the first step in narrowing down your options. 

Rc short course truck

The grass is the most popular surface but is one of the most difficult terrains for operating RC vehicles, regardless of the type. This surface causes a lot of friction making it hard for the vehicle to run. Also, keep in mind that the taller grass is harder than a shorter one. So if you want to buy a remote control vehicle and you are planning to drive it in your grassy backyard then opt for RC short course truck, monster truck, rock crawler or stadium truck.  

Pavement is a great place to drive your RC car or truck. Asphalt or concrete are terrains with no limitations as they provide the least resistance. This makes them perfect for just any type of remote control vehicle. The point is, some vehicles may be more fun ride on such surface than other. For example, a rock crawler would not be so entertaining on flat pavement but on the rock or gravel instead. However, if you are going to enjoy your new toy on the pavement then you can choose anything you want from the rage of the remote control vehicles.

Dirt and gravel are the most suitable surface for any type of remote control vehicles except cars. They are the only type that does not work on these terrains but still, there are some of the more advanced models that can still thrive on the dirt. These surfaces, same as pavement are usually easy going make it easy to operate your new truck or rock crawler. 

Sand dunes are a quite terrible surface for anything mechanical including remote control vehicles. What is important is to provide your vehicle with a proper maintenance if you want your new toy to be able to handle the trip to the dunes. Keep in mind that you may need a new pair of tires for this surface and here as same as in dirt and gravel, you can ride anything but remote control cars. 

Think about how you are going to use your RC vehicle. Do you need it for bashing or racing? Bashing is the term used for any activity except racing. This means running around your backyard or local skate park. Vehicles used for bashing are usually durable and considerations like how fast and how heavy is the vehicle are not the biggest concerns. On the other hand, vehicles designed for racing are made of less durable material thus are very lightweight. This is because the main goal of racing vehicles is to go as fast as they can, handle well on a track and be nimble on the corners. Here, the durability is compromised with performance.

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Last edited: 30/01/2019