Enter the World of Geeks with One of These Awesome Hobbies

If you are looking for a new outlet for all that unavoidable stress most of us face on a daily basis, getting into a new fun, yet educational hobby might be exactly what you need. What's more, even if your motivation is the fact that you want to discover an artsy part of yourself, but you're not into writing, painting or music, the world of geeks has a few engaging options you may not have heard about before.

This is a shortened form of costume and play. It was during the early 90s when this hobby became a part of the popular culture, although Japan is the place of its birth. Cosplay is the practice of portraying a fictional character by often even completely identifying as that persona while in costume which adds to the authenticity of the whole experience. A lot of people consider this a lot more than costuming, calling it a form of performance art. The characters that usually inspire people to cosplay are associated with comic books, anime and video games. Cosplaying today is, in fact, a massive subculture within the geek world, almost synonymous with the word convention or any kind of event on which people who subscribe to more “geeky” interests gather together.

Scale model 1

Live Action Role Playing Games (LARP)
The point of larping is to portray a character within a previously established concept while engaging with other players and the world around you. There are various things about larping that makes it such a unique attraction which include socialization and being able to share your fascination with magic or anything sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalypse related. The three most common types of LARP are battle game, theatrical game and role-playing game.

Model Building
According to the assistant professor of psychology at Suffolk County Community College in Long Island, NY, Andrea M. Macari “A lot of our brain is devoted to movement”. In the light of this fact, hobbies and activities that have to do with us using our hands could be the key to mental health. Model building is one such activity that has to do with making a scale model of a motorcycle, car, spaceship building, you name it... The pieces are supposed to be assembled by following the instructions. There's also an educational component as there are historical descriptions you can read and reread while the pieces of the model dry. Building a scale model can also improve one's hand-eye coordination and following instructions can sharpen the mental powers.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein 
This hobby is all about letting your imagination get the best of you. Playing with miniatures is a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages as they give you the opportunity to own and create so many items you may never be able to enjoy in full size. What's more, this hobby can also help one become more knowledgeable about history, customs, different people and much much more!  

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