What Type of Bicycle Brakes Is Ideal for Your Ride?

Having good control over your bike doesn't only mean that you need to have a good grip on the handlebars, it also has to do with having good brakes. Getting a new set of brakes or getting a new bike will be the two reasons why you need to take a look at the different types of breaks you can find on the market. There isn't a lot for you to learn about brakes but it is essential to know which one will make the best fit for your bike. 

When you are going to be out and about shopping for bicycle brakes keep in mind that you will need an installation manual on the back of the packaging to show you how this specific model is going to be implemented with your bikes braking system. With bicycle brakes for sale, you will also have to be careful when you are going to face two similar types of brakes, as it can get really confusing which one is going to fit your bikes needs. Also, be sure to ask an employee or customer support (if you are shopping online) for product warranty, If you are one that is actually going to get a new bike but wants better breaks, be sure to check if your bikes system will perform better with brakes other than the ones it already has. Some bicycle bikes for sale won't have any packaging and it is best to stay away from these as they've probably been made using parts from older or other partially working brakes.

Bike Brakes  

These type of breaks are meant to be used with road racing bikes, so you can have more control over how you stop and have less weight on your bike.
There are regular calliper breaks and direct-mount - with direct mount breaks you will have the brake mechanism pivot with two bolts that attach the brake to the bike. Regular ones, on the other hand, have a simpler design but they won't be able to offer as much power as direct mount bikes.

Cantilever brakes have a straddle cable set between them that is pulled vertically in order to make the brakes work. These brakes are not going to get filled with mud (which is great news for cyclocross lovers) no matter the conditions but keep in mind that they are a bit tough to install. These brakes are cartilage style brakes which means that they are going to be easy to get replaced by new ones.

Focus izalco max disc

Disc brakes use a circular metal disc mounted on the wheel's hub which rotates through a calliper that holds the brake pads. These work by pressing the pads to the rotor which then slows down the bicycle. These type of brakes can be either mechanical or hydraulic, with the former you have a piston that is activated by a wire cable and the latter compresses brake fluid to make the brakes work. Disc brakes are being used more and more for road bikes and cyclocross.

V-brakes provide the best rim-like braking experience for off-roading bikes. tourers and most hybrid bikes. This system uses two long arms to provide leverage when the brake cable is being pulled. They are very easy to install, and their pads are easy to replace, by just removing a small bolt, then sliding the old one out and putting the new pad in. Be careful with the compatibility of these brakes as the ones with longer levers can lead to poor performance.


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Last edited: 17/04/2019