The Two Types of MMA Gloves Every Beginner Needs - Their Features Explained

Every beginner is going to need essential equipment when getting involved in any type of sporting activities including MMA, that's a fact. But what makes MMA different from other similar activities is that here, a lot of martial arts are combined together into this ultimate sport, which sometimes makes gear more important than the actual training. The most complicated piece of equipment being the gloves - I know it sounds ridiculous but, wait till you see what they have to offer. There are gloves for different circumstances but we are going to explain the two main MMA gloves that every beginner needs.



Sparring gloves are a type of gloves meant for training with another partner and although they are quite similar in design with bag gloves they have some features that make them ideal for sparring. Martial arts sparring gloves come in two slightly different types meant to protect you as well as your partner too. The first ones are the hybrid sparring gloves that have padding for every individual finger and the other more traditional type of sparring gloves has a large padding area across all fingers.

Mma gloves

Both of them offer the same level of protection, but people seem to prefer hybrid sparring gloves as they have better looks but other than that they are virtually the same. When buying a pair check if the label or product description (if done online) clearly says that this particular pair is meant for sparring, otherwise you can end up injuring yourself and your partner as well. With most types of martial arts sparring gloves you have different styles to choose from but all in all they do the same job. Remember that you never use sparring gloves when you are in an actual MMA competition and vice versa - never use fight gloves when sparring.



These type of gloves have even more padding than sparring gloves, as they are meant for you to handle the heavy load of a punching bag gaining more momentum with every single hit. These gloves are made to fit snuggly but also provide more protection with the added wrist support which is much wider than usual and the padding is denser but firm enough in order to make the gloves small but protective. Bag gloves are the least flexible ones as they are made to sustain, probably the most intense workout any MMA trainee can have.


Some bag gloves even have a grip bar on the inner top part of the palm, in order to allow you to have a stronger fist. These type of gloves have the most amount of padding and protection than any MMA type of glove. Do not use Bag gloves for sparring, thinking that this much padding into it will make for a safer experience, because the ruggedness of the materials can hurt your sparring partner badly. Training without them won't make your hands stronger either - the only results are going to be the injuries themselves.

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