The Different Types of Bikes and Their Uses

Are you considering getting a bike? What a great decision! Whether it is for fitness, fun or health, you will love riding when your new bike is right for you. 

There are thousands of bikes available in the market, which makes easy to get lost into the choices. So, before you head to the bike shop to pick up your new mode of transportation, it is helpful to know some basic details that will make the bike buying process less complicated. Here are tips to help you find the right bike for you. 


Consider the Terrain Where You Will Ride 

This is the first step to choosing the right bike for you. Different bikes work best in different terrains and different situations. Deciding where you will be riding is where you should get started. Consider the terrain you'll be riding on: paved trails, roads, unpaved trails, off-road? What distances will you ride? Do you plan to use your bike for a variety of purposes or plan to stick to one kind of riding? Answering these questions will help you choose the best bike for your needs. 

Consider a Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike is a versatile bike that can work for a variety of different situations and have reasonably fast speed. According to experts, it offers a combo of decent speed with the more upright position of a mountain-style bike. It can be a good option for those who want a decent speed, but not the right one if you are looking to race. 

Cyclist with bike

Try a Road Bike 

If you feel comfortable riding on skinny tires, plan to ride on roads, and don't mind being pitched forward, a road bike may be for you. It will definitely offer you a speed advantage over other models. However, the light wheels and thin tires may not be the smartest choice if your city has a pothole problem. A touring bike is another option to consider for city commuting. While they are not as quick as some models, they are good for the average rider.  

Take it Off Road

If you live in an area that really needs to invest in road repair or are planning to take your bike on trails, a mountain bike could be a good option for you. Mountain bikes have thicker tires and a sturdier frame that makes them better for uneven surfaces. They also feature gears for climbing hills, better brakes for making rapid stops and a shock-absorbent frame to maintain comfort during a ride through the off-road. However, these bikes will run more slowly on pavement and they are also heavier than other models, so you might not want this model for riding in the city.

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Last edited: 17/06/2019