What to Look For When Shopping For RC Crawlers

Driving an RC vehicle can be a world of fun. Contrary to popular belief, these aren't just toy cars that you ride for a few minutes in your living room before getting bored and never picking it up again. RC vehicles are a challenge to operate, especially rock crawlers, which are used to go through rough and uneven terrain and conquer obstacles. Although not the fastest type of RC vehicles, they offer unique challenges that require a lot of skill. 

When looking for a rock crawler RC car, you'll come across rock racers, trail rigs and technical rock crawlers. Technical rock crawlers are for going over tough obstacles and terrain. Rock racers are purpose-build RC vehicles that combine the ability to tackle mild obstacles and the speed of off-road race cars. Trail rigs are slow, but more powerful, allowing them to tackle even the trickiest of terrains and highest of boulders. Additionally, you have to consider your budget, whether you want an RTR or build-it-yourself kit, and whether you want an electric or nitro rock crawler RC car.

Rock crawler rc car

Not everyone is willing to spend a lot of money on an RC rock crawler, especially if they aren't going to be using it very frequently. However, if you're going to drive it daily, then you might want to open up your wallet and buy something more durable and better-performing. Generally, assembling the RC on your own is the more affordable option than buying a ready to ride model. Plus, you get to see all the parts and learn how they work, which can be beneficial when upgrading or replacing worn-out parts.

You'll also have to pick between an electric and nitro RC crawler. Electric rock crawlers are more beginner-friendly, as they're much easier to use. If possible, go for a brushless motor, as they're the better-performing option. Maintaining electric rock crawlers is also easier, and all you have to do is recharge the battery for them to operate. That being said, properly recharging and taking care of the battery is important, as they can be expensive to replace. 

Nitro rock crawlers, on the other hand, are much faster than their electric counterparts, and they're capable of running for longer time periods. However, they aren't beginner friendly, and they require more maintenance. Additionally, they're more expensive to buy and they can be really loud. Also, you shouldn't be using nitro rock crawlers in an enclosed area, as they emit toxic gas from the fuel they burn.

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