Choosing a Unique Drone with All the Right Features

You've seen all those new drones for sale Australia wide and you've noticed that they are taking the world by storm. so you want a piece of fun for yourself too. This is a great decision, I can tell you! Owning and flying a drone is one of the most exciting things one can do.  A lot of people buy drones for the sake of fun, taking selfies and video clips, and posting them on social media. Others get a drone for professional purposes. In this guide, I will provide some helpful information about drones and the most important features to look for. 

First Things First

Before you start to look for drones for sale Australia wide, it is important to decide what do you want the drone for. Is it for travelling, or for shooting some commercial professional videos, or for taking a couple of selfies with your friends. The drone you choose should be able to cover that purpose.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the price of the equipment isn't a real sign or its quality, but it does provide a quick, and approximate assessment of which drones are better than others. Usually, more expensive drones fly longer, take better photos and videos, and come with more bells and whistles.

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Features to Look For

To be able to make an informed buying decision you will need to get specific about features. Here are some of them you should know about. 

Battery Life

Even on the best models, flight times between charges usually last 30 minutes. For longer flights, you will need to consider investing in an extra battery. So make sure to include the cost of the spare battery in the total price of the option you are considering. 


This is an important consideration if you want the best-quality footage possible. Most decent-size drone models come with a built-in camera. but some models will leave you the option of attaching your own. More expensive models will come with gimbal feature installed. This is a support that keeps the camera steady while it's moving around in high winds and elevated altitudes. For the best video footage and photos, make sure your drone includes a gimbal. 

Follow-me Mode

Follow-me mode lets your drone to track you across the ocean or ground, so you can concentrate on our kite surfing or biking while your drone records your progress. Some drones will do this better than others, so read some reviews to find out how well the model you are considering works in practice.



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Last edited: 01/10/2018