The Various Applications and Advantages of Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes

Like all disposable nonwoven products, industrial wipes are also very cost-effective and help prevent cross-contamination. It sounds strange that wipes actually have a vast range of use across multiple types of industries in which they all offer different benefits that match that particular industry. Getting rid of oil, ink and grease is a routine job for industrial hand wipes as they also prevent any re-soiling. Who taught that a small piece of material can find its use in the harsh environments of today's heavy-duty industries.

mechanic cleaning his hands with industrial wipe


Industrial wipes, unlike regular wet wipes, don't leave any cleaner residue or residues of heavy metals such as zinc, nickel or lead. They contain the right amount of cleaning solution which offers the user a very consistent removal of any adhesive, paint, gasket residue, silicone, grease etc. Industrial hand cleaning wipes are a very convenient solution which is simple and safe to use with no odour to it.

There is also no residue of EOX (extractable organic halogens). Some of them have a textured surface which adds to their cleaning power, whilst also being highly absorbent and non-hazardous both to the user and the environment. Although being called hand wipes, these industrial nonwoven products come in various forms that have found their use in different industry related purposes. 


While hand cleaning may be the main purpose here, it is not the only one as there are some industrial hand cleaning wipes that can be used for machine maintenance or another more delicate cleaning. Manufacturing, engineering, food and printing industry all make use of hand wipes to keep machines in their operational hygiene levels with the electronic, computer and janitorial industries using them for delicate cleaning and polishing. The optical industry makes use of these wipes for polishing or dust removal with the latter finding use in the electronic and computer industry as well as the janitorial.

Manufacturing, engineering, printing, food and automotive industry also make use of hand cleaning industrial wipes to absorb various fluids, like oil, water, ink and so on. They also find use in general vehicle cleaning and maintenance, whilst also being used for wet floor cleaning as well as window cleaning. In the automotive industry, they are used to absorb chemicals and also to help prepare a surface before it gets painted. Industrial wipes are also used in remote situations whilst being able to remove bitumen and the standard component and plant cleaning.

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