The Benefits of PET (Polyester) Strapping

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If you're on the market for strapping equipment, you might be overwhelmed with all the different choices presented in front of you. Today's evolving raw materials and advanced engineering capabilities offer a wide range of strapping solutions, which complicates the buying process of consumers, requiring them to perform more research before buying. In the world of strapping tools, there's a common misconception that a PET strapping tool is no match for its steel counterpart when it comes to strapping heavy loads. While that was the case until several years ago, the materials used to make PET strapping equipment are very advanced compared to back then, and they come with a range of unique benefits that make PET strapping a trusted solution.

The main benefits a PET strapping tool offers over a steel strapping tool are increased safety, reduced environmental impact, increased cost savings and increased performance and durability. A PET strap is safe to apply and remove due to the fact that it has no sharp edges. It's a lightweight and shock-resistant solution that can be recycled. Furthermore, it has low elongation, meaning that its strap tension is maintained as load is moved or is settled during storage and transit.

The low environmental impact of PET strapping is a result of its manufacturing process. Polyester is extruded from raw resin materials, whereas steel is a forging process that demands a ton of energy. Additionally, polyester is lighter, meaning it reduces overall load weights which results in more space, fuel and time-saving benefits when it comes to moving goods from one point to another. And unlike steel, it can be recycled, resulting in reduced disposal costs and packaging west. This can improve your businesses profits, all the while reducing your businesses carbon footprint.

You get all of these benefits without sacrificing performance and durability. Polyester strapping is specifically made to feature the properties of steel, which help the straps absorb impact without losing their ability to retain the load and without breaking. It's the ideal strapping solution for loads that shrink and its ability to stretch while maintaining strength makes it ideal for lumber loads as well. Polyester is resistant to UV degradation and weather elements. Unlike steel which rusts when exposed to moisture, polyester doesn't.

That being said, polyester strapping outperforms steel strapping in most areas, plus it's significantly cheaper to buy, while also reducing your business operating costs and carbon footprint.

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Last edited: 11/04/2019