Scandinavian Designer Toys: Why Simple Is Better

Did you know that apart from their breathtaking homewares and furniture, Scandinavians are also known for their toy industry? After all, we wouldn't have Legos if it weren't for Scandinavians. But apart from the beloved clicking blocks, there's a wide variety of Scandinavian designer toys on the market. And these toys are very different from the typical Chinese or American-made toys that you can find in any department store.

Scandinavian Toys

How so? Well, picture Scandinavian furniture with its sleek lines, soothing colours, and durable and functional design. Now, imagine if toys were built this way. So. instead of noisy and shiny plastic toys, you have simplistic, wooden ones that promise to entertain and educate at the same time, all the while being practically unbreakable. So, if you want to pass on cheap, flimsy toys in favour of playthings that encourage imaginative play – Scandinavian designer toys are the ones to look for.

When it comes to toys for babies, Scandinavian designers like to use organic and safe materials. That being said, soft knitted and organic cotton toys are very common as they are safe for babies to chew on without worrying that they'll swallow and choke on something. And for the toddler phase, there are Scandinavian toys that concentrate on teaching crucial motor as well as cognitive skills. Shape sorters, blocks, memory games are all beneficial for strengthening the hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

All these toys are meticulously crafted from quality natural materials, mostly wood, which means your child won't be exposed to dangerous chemicals such as phthalates, VOCs, and BPA which are found in many plastic and rubber toys. And while plastic toys may produce sounds and light up, they don't allow children to fully engage in the play. On the other hand, Scandinavian toys are designed as simple as possible in order to promote creativity and allow children to come up with their own scenarios, make their own sounds and move the toys with their own hands.

And finally, instead of being a loud eyesore like most toys are, Scandinavian designer toys actually look good scattered around the home, because who has time to clean up, anyway? You can have them lying around the living room, and people won't even notice they're there. These toys are so tastefully crafted they can even be used as décor once the children are all grown up and no longer play with them.

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