Tips on How to Choose the Best Strings for Your Bass Guitar

As a bassist, your choice of strings is an important decision as it can help dictate your tone and even make your bass feel and function differently. Nowaways, you can find a wide range of bass strings online and offline. Some strings are brighter and deliver a punchier tone that is perfect for country, pop, rock, and more. Other strings are warmer and more subdued but do offer a fuller, fatter bottom end that is ideal for reggae, jazz, and old-school rock and Motown sound.  All these choices can make it a bit confusing knowing which set you should buy. Below are some tips to help you choose the best strings to get the most of your bass guitar.Bass strings online 1 


Bass strings are available in both in roundwound and flatwound styles. Roundwound strings are the most common, perfect for anything from country to jazz to rock. Flatwound strings, although not a popular option, are great on fretless basses as they cause less wear and tear on the fingerboard. 

String Gauges

An important element to keep in mind when buying bass strings online or at your local store is the string gauge. It represents how heavy or light your strings are and can make a real difference in your sound. Players usually refer to the size of the fourth string when specifying their gauge preferences. Generally, the thicker the string the harder it will be to fret. Some players choose to play with unusually large strings, but it is not recommended to use one of these gauges until you've played for a while and developed calluses. 


Bass strings can be made either from nickel/steel alloy or pure stainless steel. A nickel/steel alloy string offers a slightly more subdued sound than a pure steel string, but a pure steel string is typically brighter. These metals are used for bass strings due to their ferromagnetic characteristic, which means that their vibrations are detected and transmitted by a magnetic pickup. Lately, some manufacturers started to produce strings from cobalt and other materials, and these strings have been showing to provide more output and clarity than the pure steel and nickel/steel strings. 


Coated strings mean that they have a thin coat applied to them to help prevent corrosion from oils and sweat. These strings tend to last much longer than uncoated strings but also cost more.
These are some of the important specifications to keep in mind when shopping for bass guitar strings. For more information. ask the vendor or contact the retailer, who should be able to assist you in your choice.  


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Last edited: 25/09/2018