Eco Soap Nuts: Why Make the Change from Regular Laundry Detergents?

Doing laundry probably isn't most people's favourite chore yet it's part of grown-ups life; I still find it better to do it myself than let someone else do it for me. First things first there's the aspect of not having to worry about coloured clothing ending up with my whites followed by the fact I know the kind of detergent I use. This should be of importance given that what we use stays on the fabrics and then makes its way into our skin.

Ever since I started growing interest in sustainability, I also got to know about the different types of toxins we expose ourselves to on a daily basis, including those in the powder and liquid detergents such as phosphates and endocrine disruptor nonylphenol ethoxylates (dangerous for the eco-system too, fish and algae in particular) which made me decide to switch to eco soap nuts, the organic alternative.

Eco soap nuts

Also going by the name of soapberries and washnuts, these nuts come from plants, like the dried shells of the fruit from Sapindus Mukorossi tree so not only are they natural, they're sustainable too as they're collected after they're discarded, plus they're fully compostable. The reason they're chosen as detergents has to do with their substance, specifically the ability to form a natural foam.

This is the foam that makes the fabric nice and clean, and what I especially love is the soft result which also helps you wave toxic fabric softeners goodbye. Though we don't hear about it much, softeners contain chemicals that other than causing allergic reactions can be carcinogenic too when you're exposed to them frequently, as is the case with benzyl acetate.

Eco soap nuts 3

Having in mind soap nuts are suitable for people with sensitive skin, they're even great for babies which can't be said about the regular detergents. Though the nuts have a natural smell it doesn't remain on the laundry, and if you like your laundry with a fragrance, instead of relying on regular softeners, you could always get the help of organic essential oils as the provide you with lovely smell that doesn't jeopardize your health.

What's especially beneficial with this eco alternative, well other than what I already mentioned, is the fact they wash the clothes even if you don't use hot water. Now this is the kind of thing that helps you cut down on both your energy costs and your carbon footprint; imagine the difference we'd make if everyone opted for the organic detergents!

An affordable, energy-efficient, anti-allergenic and eco-friendly purchase - a small change in your shopping cart, a huge change in your life!

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Last edited: 26/07/2019