Business Professional Dress Code: What Men Should Know

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If you are a fan of the “Suits” TV Series, then you probably know about what modern corporate wear means. Although business professional attire has changed a lot over the past few years, the thing that stayed the same is the suit. Having a neat and professional looking suit is one of the main things you need for achieving that modern professional business attire you want, and with a few touch-ups, you can adjust for the occasion in no time.

Whether preparing for a corporate interview, your first day at work or you simply want to upgrade your wardrobe into a more professional looking one, the way you dress and look is a pure reflection of how much you care for your career. Without further ado, let's see what are the main things you need to know about this type of style.

Unlike smart casual and business casual, professional modern corporate wear is “designed” with one goal in mind, to send a message that you are an efficient, smart and ambitious human being ready to conquer the world. The secret of having a wardrobe like this is in the details, the quality of the products and their perfect fit, as well as from finishing details like belt, shoes and tie.

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A professional business suit like that should consist of garments that are made out of the same fabric. Generally speaking, the suit can be made out of two or three pieces, whereas the two-piece one consists of a jacket and trousers, while the three-piece one includes a waistcoat under the jacket.

If you are buying your first suit, fashion designers recommend sticking to the navy colour as it is flexible and can be easily combined with different shirts and ties. Aside from this one, you can also choose black and charcoal as it can be worn for more formal occasions like wedding and funerals as well.

When it comes to your business shirt, stick to the white classic ones. The key to choosing the right one is to make sure you choose one that looks good when fully buttoned-up. Regarding the final details, a tie is optional, but if you happen to choose one make sure you stick to the simple ones. Sometimes, both a different tie knot and a different tie can help you change your overall look while wearing the same suit and coat.

The last and critical element of your professional business attire is your shoes. The most popular and most commonly worn shoes among men in the corporate area are the Oxfords, which is why they are considered as a quintessential dress shoe.  

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Last edited: 10/04/2019