Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Boxing Bag


If you're looking to buy a boxing bag for your home or commercial gym, then there are a couple of important factors to take into consideration in order to ensure the best purchase. Buying the right boxing bag can make your training sessions more fun, and more productive. The main things to consider when you set out to buy boxing bag are the size, weight, shape and material. Additionally, you have to consider whether you want a hanging one or a free-standing one. 


Size and Weight


It's recommended that the boxing bag you practice on is half your weight so it doesn't swing hard when you hit it hard. However, that's not always the case. Bags lighter than half your weight are better in most cases, as they swing more, and imitate the movement of an opponent better, allowing you to develop better reflexes and accuracy, while also forcing you to move around more to avoid being hit. Heavier bags, on the other hand, are better for developing strength and punching power. Some bags are also meant for kicking, and those are generally larger than 120cm.

Boxing bag



Traditionally shaped boxing bags aren't the most suitable for throwing crosses and uppercuts, so if you want to practice those moves, you should look for a wrecking ball bag. However, a traditional boxing bag is better for most types of martial arts. If you can't make a decision between the two, then you might want to consider a dummy bag that resembles the upper part of a human body. On a human dummy bag, you can perform a wide range of punches and kicks that can help you develop your focus and accuracy.




Another important factor to consider when you set out to buy boxing bag is the material of the bag. Leather bags are durable, but expensive. So if you are a beginner who doesn't want to get that serious and spend that much money on a boxing bag, you can look into other options like synthetic leather, canvas or vinyl. Vinyl is durable, easy to clean and can provide a great user experience at a more affordable price.


Hanging vs Free-Standing


Both hanging and free-standing bags have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hanging bags are, in my opinion, the more suitable option if you have space and means to install one, as they are the best at imitating a real opponent. Free-standing bags, on the other hand, don't require installation, and you can easily store them away, but they aren't ideal to practice strong kicks and punches on, as they can fall over. 

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Last edited: 04/03/2019