What are the Most Sought-after Types of Garden Sheds

Whether you have a small or a large garden, there is a garden shed for every type of it. All the tools and equipment for your garden need to be stored the right way, and one of the oldest and most commonly used things for storing an equipment like this are garden sheds. In fact, they have been present on the market and have been used for a very long time for helping people store their mowing, growing and planting tools, as well as all the bits and bolts related to gardening.

Thankfully, these days sheds come in all shapes and sizes as well as in a wide range of materials. Tall, slim, small, large, bike and narrow sheds are some of the types you can find on the market these days which can significantly ease your choice. Each and every one of it is designed for different garden spaces, meaning that even if you have the smallest of all gardens in the world, there will be a shed for it. All you need is to do thorough research and find the one that can meet both your space and budget as well. When it comes to the material, metal, plastic and wood are the most popular ones out of which the metal ones are the most commonly used.

Metal Sheds


The first and most important things that make metal sheds the first choice among many people around the world is their durability and design. Whether small, large, tall or narrow sheds, all these types of metal sheds are hard wearing against elements which means that it won't suffer from rot, making them the perfect long-lasting garden storage. This means that they can provide you with a secure place where you can store your valuable garden tools, keeping them safe and sound. When it comes to the material, stainless steel, zincalume and colorbond are the most commonly used types of metals for garden sheds.

Metal sheds

Wooden Sheds


Wooden sheds are another popular type of sheds and the pretty easy to assemble as well. These sheds are available in different wood types and thickness options from which depends their use, whether you will use them for domestic or heavy-duty purpose. One of the main downsides of wooden sheds is that they require a regular treatment at least once or twice a year that can be quite costly. If not treated, they can get easily damaged by the weather elements which means that they are not the ideal choice for outdoor use (if not treated on a regular basis).

Wooden sheds

Plastic Sheds


Plastic sheds are the most affordable option you have on the market. They are durable and weather resistant, however, specialists say that they are not as secure as the metal ones and can get easily affected by the extreme changes of temperature.  

Plastic sheds

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Last edited: 23/04/2019