Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Laundry Wash Tub

A laundry room sink or laundry wash tub, regardless of how you call it, there is no denying that this unit can be a major convenience if you have space to install one in your home. Laundry tub is useful for treating stains, hand-washing clothes or even cleaning up around the home. Once you decide to buy one, you can choose between different sizes, materials and styles. If you are not sure what to buy, here are a few tips for you.

Laundry utility cabinet

Consider the installation style

Since laundry sinks come with different options of basins it means they are different installation options too. When it comes to installation style there are four options to choose from including a drop-in, floor standing and wall-mounted, undermount and portable. The laundry wash tub you choose will stay there for years to come, so it is important to choose something that will meet your needs in the long run.

  • Drop-in - This installation style is where the sink fits into a hole that has been previously cut into the countertop. This is a very easy installation style and usually, work well with most countertops.
  • Wall-mount and floor-standing - Both of these types of sinks are installed away from countertops as stand-alone units.
  • Undermount - This laundry sink is installed completely underneath the counter giving the sink a contemporary look while also makes cleaning an easy task.

Laundry tubs

Consider the material

Once you are done with the installation style, your next choice is material. Here are some of the popular options you can find on the market.

  • Stainless steel - This is a classic choice of the laundry sink as it is lightweight and easy to clean. A downside of this tub is that can be loud when hit by water.
  • Cast iron - This is the sink that will withstand high water temperatures and years of wear and tear. However, the enamel of the cast iron may chip with time so they require some maintenance.
  • Ceramic - These sinks are fired at extremely high temperatures which makes them resistant to stains. The material itself is sturdy, easy to clean it has appealing shine.
  • Porcelain - These laundry sinks have a timeless beauty and classic shine. Moreover, they are easy to clean and very heat resistant, which makes them ideal for utility or laundry room.

Choose the right faucet

The last choice you need to make is to select the right utility faucet, so consider the design, resilience and cost of the laundry tub faucet for your laundry or utility room. Some of the most popular materials for laundry taps are brass, chrome, copper, pewter, stainless steel and nickel. When looking for the right faucet you will also want to consider the valves and sputs. Also, choosing a low-flow faucet can be a great way to reduce the water waste around your home.

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Last edited: 15/07/2019