Hot Tub Shape: Which One is the Best Choice?

Being able to enjoy in your very own hot tub spa whenever you want is a dream coming true for both men and women. Can you imagine just being able to unwind after a very long day at work or after a one that has been really hard? And as a top of that, being able to enjoy in it alone or with your loved as long as you want, without being limited in time...priceless, right?!


Luckily, now we have the chance to invest in one without breaking the bank. Owning a hot tub that is quality, durable yet affordable is possible, only if you know what and where to look for. The only thing that might make the whole decision making thing tricky is the hot spa's shape.


Round Hot Tub Spa


Round hot tub


This list cannot be started without mentioning the most popular (and for a reason) round hot tub spa as they can work great in smaller and bigger spaces. These types of hot tubs are designed to maximise the space while offering a comfortable and huge seating room. Generally speaking, some of them are deeper than any other shape, and their one and only aim is to allow you socialize and relax with family and friends. Depending on the model, brand and type, you can choose a size that can meet the rest of your space, and one that can meet all the rest of your needs. Galvanised steel frame, solid fibreglass base, stainless steel heater, stainless steel jet trims, lockable hard cover, hydrotherapy massage jets and massage pumps are just some of the many things you can get fro investing in a high-quality round hot tub and spa. Thus, doing a more thorough research before making any decision is recommended.


Square Hot Tub Spa


Square hot tub


Square tubs are another common option for a hot tub and spa that have an equal amount of seating and jets on each side of the spa. Well, precisely this is maybe one of their biggest disadvantages when compared to the round ones, as the latter allow for more people to squish in as their seats are not “marked”. Just like the round ones, square tubs are also available in a range of sizes, so you are not limited by the configuration of seating but you are limited in space.


Rectangle Hot Tub Spa


Rectangle hot tub


Consequently, rectangle hot tubs and spas are longer on the sides, allowing more points of entry into the spa. Since they are a little bit bigger, they have more options for seating and seats of different height, making them great for family people.


Triangle Hot Tub Spa


Triangle hot tub


Except for the aforementioned things, you can also invest in a triangle shape hot tub and spa which is mainly designed for one person.  


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Last edited: 10/12/2018