Taking a Closer Look at the Different Types of Car Mats

Floor mats can do a lot to improve your car's interior image. They are one of the first things people will see anytime they enter your car which brings to the importance of choosing the right ones. Their purpose is not just to add an aesthetic value to your car, but to rest your feet and make you feel comfortable while riding as well. They may seem like an accessory, but they are more than just that. They soak up the water from your shoes, keep grime and dirt out of your vehicle, the right colour will brighten the cabin while the right material will give a premium look. So, which ones are the right for you? To make it easier for you, we listed the different types of floor mats available and their features. 

Fabric floor mats. These are the cheapest and widely available mats. The front side is made of material but the back side is made of rubber to prevent slipping. You can find them in many different designs and colours. You can easily remove them, clean, dust or wash them on a daily basis. The fact that they are coming in a standard size makes them a perfect choice for any type of car but compared to other options available they come with a shorter lifespan.

Fabric floor mats

Rubber mats for cars. Speaking of lifespan, rubber mats are one of the long-lasting and most durable mats for cars you can find in the car shops and online dealers. Rubber mats for cars do not slip what makes them safe choice since they won't obstruct the pedal use. They are designed with a textured surface for retaining the moisture. They get dirty very fast but for this reason, they come only in black colour so they can not affect the aesthetic aspect of your car. So if you are looking for mats that will last, opt for rubber ones but make sure you select the right model for your vehicle.

Rubber mats for cars

Vinyl mats. These floor car mats are also known as all-weather mats and feature high durability. They are designed with upturn edges so that none of the grime, dust or water exists the mat. All you need is to dust them periodically and you will have them clean. They come with spikes to prevent slipping and are easy to find and buy.

Vinyl mats

Nomad car matsAvailable in a range of options and colours, these mats can be custom fit for your vehicle. They come with an amazing feature to soak up the water, grime and mud with an ease causing minimal spillage. Compared to other models of mats they require frequent cleaning. They may look similar to an office and outside home mats but they serve their purpose perfectly.

Nomad car mats

3D floor mats for cars. Last but not least, 3D floor mats are another choice on the list. They are the most expensive option but they give the most luxury look to the car. You can find them in a few different shades like tan, beige and black giving a premium fit to your car's interior. They are made from a polymer which means they require regular cleaning. If the interior ambience is the most important for you, then 3D mats are your best choice.

3d floor mats for cars

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